Wyndham at the Five Rivers

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This town was/is the site of major shipping of meat from the North End of Australia. The Australian map project web site has this map in great detail. For those who came to this page looking for the Kimberleys territory that D. I. Bonaparte investigated in "Cake in the Hat Box" (Sinister Stones), much of it is mapped below. Interestingly, the stones in the story should have been Kimberly diamonds...

Clicking the image below will bring up the map at 2X size.

Wyndham is situated on the southern tidal waters of the Cambridge Gulf at the confluence of the (Chamberlin/Salmond), King, Pentecost, Durack, Forrest and Ord/Dunham Rivers (images of Pentecost and Durack Rivers).

This giant ferrocrete crocodile is a gift from the local Lions Club: very active in the development of this quiet cattle drive (muster) town as a tourist site.

From a tourist web site:
Originally established in 1886 as a result of the goldrush to Halls Creek, Wyndham today has a population of approximately 500 people, and offers its visitors a friendly face and the chance to discover some of its diverse and exciting history.The Halls Creek goldrush and the establishment of cattle stations throughout the Kimberley ensured Wyndham Port was well established by the 1890's, with people arriving from the four corners of the earth.

1913 saw the construction of the meatworks, reaching full operation by 1919. The meatworks jetty was also constructed in the same year, which assured the town's future and that of the cattle industry, at least for several decades.Although the meatworks have now long gone, Wyndham today services a huge live cattle export industry, along with supporting the requirements of the mining industry and the Ord River Project. Sugar products are now also being shipped from the Wyndham Port. For the tourist, Wyndham offers a host of adventure opportunities and is surrounded by some of the most spectacular landforms, rivers and wetlands in the Kimberley.