Australian Natural History
•Human ecological context for the "Bony" mysteries by Arthur William Upfield•

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The Long Paddock (Australian rainfall history 1890s-2000s)

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Bony Story Locations

The map of Australian landforms below is a link to the Aussie geosciences site where some of the Bony story locations are displayed on the map below. Clicking on the maps will bring up a medium-sized (100-200 K) image. The green links beside the images will produce images that are 500 to 700 K that will be very large on your monitor. The bottom map shows linguistic groups.

Bony Story Locations

An Australian GeoSciences Map with some Bony story locations. Click to enlarge.

Landsat 7 satellite mosaic of Australia. A very large image of the satellite mosaic map. (Australian GeoSciences Map)
Landsat 7 satellite mosaic of Australia, overlain by boundaries and major drainages from the top map. A very large image of this map. (Australian GeoSciences Map)
Relief map of Australia. Large version.
Linguistic groups of Aboriginal Peoples Bony's mother's group was the "Cassowary Tribe" of Queensland. On its link at http://www.foundingdocs.gov.au/pathways.asp this graphic is an image map to indigenous Australian linguistic groups.

In The Will of the Tribe, Bony says that the dead man found in Wolfe Creek Crater must have been a remarkable linguist. The mysterious stranger started near the Queensland/New South Wales border (Innamincka) and walked diagonally across the Red Center desert with its enormous array of languages to end in the Kimberleys.

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