Derby, Australia

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Derby on King Sound north of the mouth of the Fitzroy River (Kimberley district) was founded in 1883. It is named after Edward Henry Stanley, Lord Derby (1826-1893), Secretary of State for Colonies 1882-1885. The town was established for trade and export of products from the Kimberley cattle industry. It is part of the landscape where Arthur Upfield's D. I. Bonaparte investigated the peculiar death of a policeman in "Cake in the Hat Box."

The trip from Broome to Derby found us there at a morning Low Tide, where the mud flats could be viewed from the pier. The intertidal critters (crabs, bulb-eyed mudskipper fish) were active. Learn more about these remarkable fish at the American Museum of Natural History web site! Lots of fun watching the beasties go about their business feeding, defending burrows. The tides are spectacular. Derby is the gateway to the Gibb River road across the Top End.

Boleophthalmus boddarti? (AMNH site article: read more!) Periopthalmus burrows like the ones at Derby mud flats.

Derby, Australia
17.2833° S, 123.6500° E

1996-07-01 2:03 AM WST 8.58 meters High Tide
1996-07-01 6:15 AM WST Sunrise
1996-07-01 8:33 AM WST 1.50 meters Low Tide
1996-07-01 11:59 AM WST Full Moon
1996-07-01 2:16 PM WST 9.35 meters High Tide
1996-07-01 5:22 PM WST Sunset
1996-07-01 9:00 PM WST 0.50 meters Low Tide
1996-07-02 2:45 AM WST 8.98 meters High Tide
1996-07-02 6:15 AM WST Sunrise
1996-07-02 9:15 AM WST 1.06 meters Low Tide
1996-07-02 2:57 PM WST 9.65 meters High Tide
1996-07-02 5:22 PM WST Sunset
1996-07-02 9:38 PM WST 0.17 meters Low Tide
1996-07-03 3:23 AM WST 9.22 meters High Tide
1996-07-03 6:16 AM WST Sunrise
1996-07-03 9:52 AM WST 0.77 meters Low Tide
1996-07-03 3:35 PM WST 9.75 meters High Tide
1996-07-03 5:23 PM WST Sunset
1996-07-03 10:14 PM WST 0.04 meters Low Tide
1996-07-04 4:00 AM WST 9.29 meters High Tide
1996-07-04 6:16 AM WST Sunrise
1996-07-04 10:28 AM WST 0.62 meters Low Tide
1996-07-04 4:11 PM WST 9.68 meters High Tide
1996-07-04 5:23 PM WST Sunset
1996-07-04 10:48 PM WST 0.05 meters Low Tide
1996-07-05 4:35 AM WST 9.24 meters High Tide

Sights in Derby include the Prison Tree (Adansonia gregorii or boab) as well as the view of the tidal change from the jetty.

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