Broome to Derby: Termites and the bush...

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The route from Broome to Derby on the Great Northern Highway.

30 June 1996
The Cable Beach Club at Broome: the trip across the Top End began here, where we met our Odyssey guides. Perhaps a small Corypha elata fan palm in the foreground (still experimental in parks and gardens).

On the way to Derby, we saw termite mounds and eucalypt grasslands. Interesting that the ground between the bunches
of grass had tiny sundew plants and lots of ants. Could it be that the sundews are getting some extra nitrogen (Australian soils
are often nutrient poor) with ant snacks? That's Mike Stewart on the left and Colin Gould on the right, Odyssey Safari
guides and natural history wizards.

Termitaria on the way to Derby, scattered in eucalypt grasslands. This is the Dampier Botanical District, which gets 400 to 800
millimeters a year of rain with an 8 month dry season. It is on Quaternary sandstone plains and alluvia with local outcroppings
of Phanaerozoic sandstone and reef limestone. The flora is Pindan on sandplains and wooded areas according to rainfall
amounts. There is tall grass savanna on clay plains and spinifex steppe on sandstone and limestone outcrops.

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