Annotated Links to Australian Natural History Sites
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Australian Meterology

The site has weather/climate info, registered user services (satellite images), agricultural services, educational material, Olympic weather and assorted government information. The latest satellite images of Australia can be found here (high quality grayscale GIFs). I have included a few samples HERE to give you an idea of the winter/summer contrast of weather patterns: included is a brief illustrated explanation of the 1997 El Niño by Stephanie Knizter of NOAA, which affects Australian weather (note the closeness of the oscillating body of warm water to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest areas off the nort eastern Australian coast). These images are downloaded without modification, according to their copyright policy. The Weather Mania site is cookie-happy, but is a place where you can look at the world and find weather-related shopping links. More satellite imagery (Australia included) is HERE.

Australian Plants Online

An electronic publication dedicated to appreciation of the native flora suitable for gardens. Published four times a year, it is chock full of interesting, well illustrated articles of general interest (poisonous plants, quandong cultivation, protecting and creating habitats, botanic gardens and more). If you don't know what a quandong is, read the article!

Birds Australia

(formerly the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union)

News, Research, Birds Of Prey (BOP) watch data entry, woodland birdwatch and more make this a rich site to explore.

Eighty Mile Beach and Broome Bird Observatory (the info below comes from their web site)

Broome has five distinctly different habitats ranging from huge inter-tidal mudflats (roughly the size of Sydney Harbor) through dry Pindan scrub to freshwater lakes, marshes and open grassy plains. This range of habitats has resulted in an abundance of bird life being present with 299 species recorded in and around Broome, including 50 species of Waders ( 800,000 migratingannually to the North West), and 22 of the 24 species of Australian raptors, also being recorded. The area is also well known for the number of scarce migrants and vagrants from the Northern Hemisphere that periodically arrive here.

Although the temperature and humidity are sometimes quite highin the Wet Season (November to March) it is still a great time to visit the Broome Bird Observatory - "One of the places to watch birds in Australia". Warm, sunny weather and clear conditions with cool nights prevail during the dry season (April to October) and the conditions for bird watching are almost always ideal.

Accommodation at the Observatory ranges from a camping and caravan park with powered sites, through air-conditioned or fan cooled single or double bunk rooms, with share facilities, to a fully self contained chalet with five single beds and its own fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Broome Bird Observatory
Wardens: Jan Sparrow & Chris Hassell

PO Box 1313

Phone: 08 91935600
Fax: 08 91923364.
Other information about this unique place can be found at

The Australian Biodiversity Group

This is well-designed site with links to environments, plants animals, Australian Biological Resources of many sorts.

Rabbit Calicivirus controversy (a sampling of many links)

The CSIRO (Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) web site has an official position concerning the biology of RCV.

CSIRO Electron Microscopy Unit

rabbit calicivirus images and other materials from the Animal Health Laboratory. The CSIRO pages are elaborately connected to their papers and press releases.

Laboratory for Calicivirus Studies

Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine has responses to the CSIRO statements.

World Heritage Sites

A listing of these sites in Australia may be found at

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