Barrett Gorge pool, Western Australia
This broadly conceived set of references has a variety of resources. I include software (blue text), books, and bookstores I used on my trip and includes those materials which I have found to be useful since.
Annotated Incomplete References for Australian Natural History

John Brock 1993.

Native Plants of Northern Australia. Reed Publisher, a part of William Heinemann, Level 9, North Tower, 1-5 Railway Street, Chatswood, New South Wales.

Superbly useful. Loaded with information about ecosystems, geography, aboriginal uses of plants. Essential to the library of the serious natural historian. Its format makes its information accessible to a novice.

Ken Simpson, Nicolas Day and Peter Trusler 1996.

Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Viking/Penguin Books Australia Ltd., 487 Maroondah Highway, P.O. Box 257, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia.

Known as "Simpson & Day," it is the Austrailian birder's bible. Wonderful for field work! It is helpful to scientists as well as to expert laypersons and novices.

World Bird Brain

Ideaform, Inc., 908 East Briggs, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 (USA). (515) 472-7256.

An excellent database at a reasonable price. I had the full set of software World Bird Brain with me on my trusty Mac 5300c powerbook. You can computerize your bird listings, generate site lists, target lists, checklists and more, especially if you have the OnmiList of World Birds (nearly 10,000 species).

Arunta Art gallery and Book Shop

Todd Street, Alice Springs, Northern Territory 0871, Australia. (089) 51 6834 phone, (089) 51 6835 fax.

A wonderful place to learn! Run by Iris and Particia Harvey who are informed about all sorts of things. Well stocked with books, art supplies and aboriginal art.

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