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Dr. Van Schaik in passage on the stallion Embajador at his home in Cavendish, Vermont.

Dr. Van Schaik was a passionate advocate of classical equitation. He competed at the Rome Olympics in show jumping and later trained dressage horses of diverse breeds to the Grand Prix standard. He was author of the book "Simple Truths and Misconceptions in Dressage" (J. A. Allen, publishers).

On his passing, his estate established a scholarship for the AMHA/AMHI to award each year to a promising dressage rider.

Recipients of the Van Schaik Dressage Scholarship

1998 - Terri Hirotsu and CCR's Island Warrior
1997 - Carolyn Fuller and Manahan Meadow Flyboy
1996 - Ingrid Sawicki and Canquin's Lite Lea
1995 - Monica Szepesi and Triple S High Noon
1994 - Bev McGonigle and Rapidan's Imperial
1993 - Monica Sansouci Gaudet and Big Bend Doc Davis

American Morgan Horse Institute
Van Schaik Dressage Scholarship Information

Throughout his life, Dr. H.L.M Van Schaik fought to preserve the classical art of horsemanship in dressage. To Van Schaik, this meant utilizing gentleness, psychology and the horse's innate qualities to develop a horse that is useful, willing and correct in its work.

To preserve and encourage the classical methods Van Schaik so strongly believed in, the American Morgan Horse Institute shall make an annual award of $1,000 to a Morgan individual wishing to further his or her skill, knowledge or proficiency in classically ridden dressage.

In selecting a candidate for this scholarship, emphasis will be placed on helping a rider move from the lower levels of dressage (Training to Third Level) to Fourth Level and above. The scholarship may be used for instruction, travel and living expenses, instructional materials, etc.

To apply for the Van Schaik Dressage Scholarship, complete the information below, using additional pages as necessary. The annual award recipient will be chosen by representatives from the AMHA and AMHI. Past recipients are eligible to be chosen again.

Your scholarship application will be kept on file and reconsidered each year. However, it is to your advantage to forward a letter each year to update your dressage accomplishments and qualifications. Files which have not been updated within three years will not be considered upon the third year (an application sent in 1992 must be updated before 1995 to be considered for the 1995 scholarship).

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2) Copy and Paste the application form below (white) into a word processing document.

American Morgan Horse Institute
Van Schaik Dressage Scholarship

Please type or print your responses on additional pages as necessary.

Name: ________________________________

Date: _________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________



Daytime Phone ()___________________

AMHA# ______________________________

What level of dressage are your riding? At what level is your Morgan?

How long have you been riding dressage?

How were you introduced to dressage?

What are your short and long-term dressage goals for the Morgan(s) you are riding now?

Describe the training principles you or your regular instructor follow.

How often do receive regular lessons? What clinics are you able to attend? What are the qualifications of the instructors
you work with?

Describe your competitive dressage accomplishments.

How does dressage contribute to your nondressage activities?

What challenges do you face in riding dressage seriously? (Location, finances, time, etc.)

Financially, how do you support your dressage activities?

How will you use the $1,000 Van Schaik Dressage Scholarship?

Please summarize any parts of your riding and dressage or Morgan involvement not covered by the questions above.

We recommend that applicants include at least two references. Please list the name and address of the people who will
be sending a reference for your file. References should include their familiarity with your riding, observations of your
progress, and how the scholarship would develop your dressage.

Reference #1: Reference #2:

Name: _____________________________ Name: _______________________________

Relationship: Relationship:

Address: ___________________________ Address: _____________________________

Applications due November 30
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