Attitude Alley
Bored of All Trainers
Confers the "
Carrotte d'Or" at random times for a performance exhibiting egregiously energetic egomania (e^4).
Attitude Alley
Stall of Fame

1995 - The trophy won by Anchie-Poo for ambitions above and beyond the Overlordship of the Universe. Anchie-Poo also won Honorable Mention for Pouting in Public.

1996 - The trophy went to Vulkan and Max for never getting caught without a snack (tie). This was the origin of the "Blimp Brothers."

1997 - The trophy won hoofs down by Max for aspiring to be a demi-connoisseur of carrot tops (not quite succulent) and for decadence above and beyond the call of duty.

1998 - The Brothers practice their perfection in hopes of a nomination...they work toward the Year 2000 and the Millenium Ego (ME) ceremonies.

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