Thought for FEBRUARY:

Horse: Old English hors. Cognates exist in Old High German, Low German (e.g. Ross) Besides the animal, it usually means plain, work-a-day character. Potter & Sargent 1973, Pedigree: The Origins of Words From Nature.

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Horse Trivia:
Cheval-glass - a mirror tall enough to reflect a horse
caballus - Late Latin, "a horse"
equus - Latin, "a horse"
Equus caballus - genus (Equus) and species (caballus) of the horse (of course)
cabercolle - Gaelic, "woods horse"

Still More Horse Trivia (words with horse):
horse-chestnut, horse-parsley, horse-radish, horse-tail, horse-fly, horse-leech, horse-mackerel, horse-play, horse-kiss, horse-ant, horse-grandmother