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Any resemblance of the characters depicted herein to past, present or future victims/slaves of the Gruesome Brothers' charisma is entirely intentional. This project was undertaken as a non-cathartic activity for part of an irregular program of mental hygiene and completely unprofessional care(ing). Tendency to laugh at the attitudes of the Brothers indicates a strangely interrupted intellectual defense mechanism.

The Gruesomes know no boundaries, as their adventures in the lava lamp below indicate.

The Gruesome Brothers Raynyday Maximillian and Ben Lyn Anchorman may be viewed on the Biomechanics section of this web site. They are American Morgans. Morgan Dressage awards are on this page: email me with ideas, if you like. Vulkan the Württemberger (born-again warmblood) is also on the Biomechanics Atlas web pages. Coming to these pages: The heir to Anchorman's spirit is Max's nephew, Raynyday Smoke 'n Mirrors. Rosita Del Rio (Azteca mare) will join them as Empress of the Universe and All the Lands Beyond . . .

In 2007, they produced a calendar. PDF (3 MB)

December Festivities - The Brothers order their Holiday Banquet.

January - Their trainer has mid-winter fantasies about teaching a Gruesome Bro to perform piaffe...

February - Plans are made by the Gruesome Twosome to domesticate their trainer.

March - The Brothers (Max and Anchie-Poo) meet Vulkan, the born-again warmblood.

April - Pouting in public is perfected by the Gruesomes. They are nominees for the "Golden Carrot" Award, conferred by the Attitude Alley Bored of All Trainers.

May - The Brothers show off their library of inspirational literature...

June - ...and recycle it in a uniquely equine fashion.

July - The Gruesomes judge their trainer in a test. Collective marks include "Room Service with Impulsion."

August - The Gruesomes graciously allow a re-test. Collective marks include "Attentiveness to Our Needs."

September - The Gruesomes help the trainer improve her test. Collective marks include "Human Potential for Gaits."

October - Vulkan demonstrates his Warmblood Tao of Tests...

November - Freestyle and Pas de Deux revisions according to the Gruesomes.

December again - The Gruesome (Gourmand) Brothers investigate the caloric content of tack.

January again - Max reinvents some Grand Prix movements: Part One - The Flying Pronk.

February again - Max and Anchie Poo comment on "Wide Behind."

March again - The BookMobile arrives at the farm and the Gruesomes check out some choice reading.

April again - The Gruesomes make policy concerning half halts...

The Gruesomes keep secrets here...

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